Fiction by Denny Hatch—Fear, Anger & Lotsa Laffs
Jack Corbett, Mariner by Denny HatchAn extraordinary memoir of an adventure before the mast in 1849 by
Denny Hatch’s great-grandfather, A.S. Hatch, with an Afterword by Denny

"In 1849, Alfredrick Hatch, a delicate and slightly asthmatic youth, was dispatched to sea by his physician father to "either cure him or kill him." He signed on as an apprentice seaman on a Liverpool packet, in the company of the "roughest, dirtiest, swearingest, drinkingest men alive." Hatch probably would not have survived had he not been befriended by an illiterate, bewhiskered Jack-tar named Jack Corbett, who became his guardian and mentor. The rich story of their sailing together is the centerpiece of this previously unpublished narrative.

"Rich in its description of life in the mid 19th Century, and life aboard a square-rigged sailing vessel of the time, Hatch’s memoir would make Patrick O’Brian smile, and it will bring tears to eyes of some of the more sentimental among us."

"This is a compelling true story of the relationship between one of America’s foremost financiers and the old Irish
seaman who changed his life." —Boat Books

"Just finished the book. WONDERFUL! I couldn’t put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed the work"—Brian Smith

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