Nine Inviolable Rules
Of Direct Marketing

#1. & #2. There are two rules and two rules only: Rule #1: Test everything. Rule #2: See Rule #1.
—Malcolm Decker
#3. Ed Mayer’s Corollary: “Don’t test whispers.”
#4. “Success in Direct Marketing is 40% Lists (Data), 40% Offer and 20% everything else.”
—Ed Mayer
#5. “The offer should be so attractive, only a lunatic would say no.”
—Claude Hopkins
#6. “If you want to dramatically increase your results, dramatically improve your offer.”
—Axel Andersson
#7. “The 7 key copy drivers—the emotional hot buttons that make people act—are Fear – Greed – Guilt – Anger – Exclusivity – Salvation - Flattery. If your copy isn’t dripping with one or more of these, tear it up and start over.” —Bob Hacker
#8. “Make it easy to order.”
—Elsworth Howell #9. “Avoid gray walls of type.” —David Ogilvy

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An Invitation

You are invited to send me any copy, design and/or any business plan and receive a FREE no risk critique on a confidential basis.
As founder of the legendary WHO’S MAILING WHAT! newsletter and archive service, I have scrutinized more than 500,000 direct marketing efforts—consumer, business, non-profit and catalogs, with 53 years in the print and digital business. I have seen what has worked and what has bombed.
This offer comes to you with no cost and no obligation whatsoever.
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