COLDCOCKED by Denny Hatch

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1) coldcock.
  Inflected forms: cold·cocked, cold·cock·ing, cold·cocks
  Slang To knock (another) unconscious....
      —The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

Synopsis: Donn Kilgore, an unknown thrice-divorced bachelor in his mid-sixties, was living large—a very successful investment advisor, world traveler and owner of a spectacular townhouse in Center City Philadelphia with an eclectic mix of antiques and modern furniture plus a $100,000 wine cellar. His fine arts collection included a Winston Churchill oil painting and works by Frank Stella, Rembrandt and Miró, as well as autographed first editions by Hemingway, Yeats, Eisenhower and T.S. Eliot. In four horrific minutes of blazing action, his house, his good life and business were destroyed. Instantly he became the most talked-about man in America. During Donn Kilgore’s 10 days of fame, he managed to upset a bucket of national gore that law enforcement and the media greedily sloshed around in—politics, racism, AIDS, abortion, violence, victimhood, sex, eugenics, gun ownership, Supreme Court law and the NBA. COLDCOCKED is the saga of a sudden, shocking event that explodes like an IED onto the national scene and sparks a 24/7 media feeding frenzy in the grand tradition of Casey Anthony, Watergate, Rupert Murdoch's phone hacking scandal in the U.K. and the deaths of Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy, Jr., Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride!

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Note: The author offered on his website a free PDF copy of the unpublished manuscript in return.

The Verdict from Early Readers—Thumbs Up!

Note: The author offered on his Website a free PDF copy of the unpublished manuscript in return for a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down rating. A total of 13 readers replied with a thumbs up, which is why Denny decided to publish it. A sampling:

"Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant, Mr. Hatch. I am not an avid reader of fiction. But this book is everything I wish more fiction could be."—J.S.

"It’s serious and hilarious. Plus I love the quotations, the exceedingly creative adjective descriptions, the little anecdotes and factoids, the name-dropping."—AD

"Just finished reading COLDCOCKED. Wow! A truly wonderful look at the ironies of media, law and politics."—B.C.

"Denny, Thanks for the ride. I started it this Saturday night and did not want to put it down. I finished last night at midnight"—S.F.

“I’m not sure about film, but I’m certain that the brightest of the leading lights on Broadway would fight to the death for the role of Donn. Would that Richard Burton lived!”—M.D.